4. 8’000 people

Whit Atelier Grafton 

Treating as main theme that of energy, development of a housing complex to densify a plot of 10 hectares in the outskirts of Dublin.

            Sited in Poolbeg Peninsula, the project consists in the design of a strategy within the ex Glass Bottle Factory lot. The lot covers an area of 10 hectares and responds to four very different contents: an industrial area, a residential one, a green one and the sea. The strategy can be understood as an Archipelago: an organism composed by different single island (housing blocks) that work together as a system. Two main elements define the strategy: the central piazza, and a linear roofed path that connects directly the North part to the South. As a bridge within those elements, lays the Pedagogic Centre, a public building where Energy topic is related in a more sensitive and educative way. Further than that, the strategy developed itself also under a sustainable point of view, recycling grey water with fitobotanical system, using the rest power of the close industry as district heating, as well as a wooden factory where to produce all the prefab elements to build this archipelago itself. Concluding, the will of this design is trying to maximise the densification of the zone, always taking an eye on the human scale, creating communal knuckle as social point where to gather.