3. urban villa

With Atelier Sergison 

Development of a complex of three urban villas in the district of Fluntern, Zurich.

            After a master planification of how to densify the whole neighbourhood of Fluntern, we then focus our attention in this corner sitting on Susenbergstrasse. There we propose three urban villas that try to deal with the steep topography and create an interesting tension between them. When thinking about the urban villa as a typology we found ourselves looking at examples of milanese architecture and reflecting on how the luxury of the what the villa entails can merge with a form of cohabitation where all the inhabitants share a sense of belonging to the specific building. We appreciated also how some of these staircases are so special they become the focus of the building. The process of our project was always linked with a research on how the staircase can shape and influence the plan or the facade of the building itself and become so generous that it creates a sense of belonging to the personal space. The plan of each apartment is characterised by a diagonal day spaces out of which lay the night rooms creating so a passing view throughout the entire flat.