5. infrastructural park

With Atelier Bonnet 

Working on the Loire estuary,  defining infrastructural green areas that will ensure a better future urban development.

            Starting from the reflection on the future growth of the city of Nantes and its connections with the surrounding suburban areas, the project stands as a connector element within this landscape still very fragmented and disconnected. It is an infrastructure park whose aim is to unite and connect these realities more directly through green spaces and paths of various kinds, such as cycle paths, pedestrian paths or horse trails. Structured around a central backbone that directs the intervention in an unequivocal way and creates the first connection between the city of Nantes and Cöueron, the park is generated by the meeting of the main axis with a series of secondary axes, or transverse paths, which interconnect through more direct and pleasant ways the different suburban realities surrounding, until then separated clearly from the provincial road and the railway line of the train. Each intersection generates points of tension and interest, which result in buildings, particular variations of the route or other. The buildings all share the same wooden construction method with laminate roof cladding: a type of construction that makes the construction easier, and gives a uniformity and important recurrence for orientation within the park. The choice of materials and programs of these interventions are closely related to the culture of the place and the natural context in which they fit.